Welcome to Denmark

Danish hospitals and a number of other private companies are in dire need of highly educated employees from abroad. In the hospitals it is vital that you as a doctor can speak fluent Danish and communicate perfectly with the patients.

It is also important for other types of companies that you as a highly qualified specialist can communicate flawlessly in Danish with colleagues and collaborators. Even in companies where the business language is e.g. English. Not least, it’s important for you that you can speak Danish well – the sooner the better.

International studies show that the more a foreign worker is familiar with the local language, the greater the likelihood is that he or she will be happy to live in his or her new country and would like to stay in the workplace. The Danish language is the key to success for both you as a highly educated foreigner in Denmark, for your family’s well-being and for your Danish workplace.

TalDansk.nu is highly intensive 1:1 Danish teaching organized in accordance with the European CEFR scale, where we certify your level. You will learn a well-functioning and correct Danish in only six months. Teaching takes place at your workplace and takes up an agreed part of your working hours. The tuition is paid by the workplace as part of your employment contract.



Klitmøllervej 22
7700 Thisted

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+45 2331 0898

Vi underviser over hele Danmark
Virksomhedernes udbytte

Efter et forløb hos TalDansk.nu er din udenlandske medarbejder i stand til at begå sig fuldt ud på arbejdspladsen og føler sig bedre hjemme i Danmark. Det fastholder de fleste. Uden intensiv danskundervisning rejser mange udlændinge efter gennemsnitligt fem år i Danmark.

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Viden om danskundervisning

Underviserne hos TalDansk.nu har alle dyb erfaring med intensiv danskundervisning og kulturforståelse. Vi deler gerne ud af vores viden til alle med udenlandske medarbejdere.

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Om os

TalDansk.nu underviser direkte på arbejdspladser over hele landet med certificeret 1-1 undervisning i både fagspecifik- og hverdagsdansk.

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